Scott Baldwin

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Skills Profile


I am hard-working, self-motivated, ambitious, creative, and passionate about everything I do. I like to solve challenging problems and work in fast-paced environments. I work well in groups as a leader and as an effective team player. I have excellent communication and presentation skills. I learn new technologies quickly. Most of all I love seeing new ideas come to life! If you have an attractive position open and you need someone who is talented and committed to excellence, then contact me! I will make an outstanding addition to your company.


I am knowledgeable in all areas of computer science, including Operating System concepts, computer networks, and systems analysis. Software design in particular is very important to me, and I consider myself to be a true Software Engineer. I have an excellent understanding of Object Oriented Design principles, patterns, and practices. I received an A in all eight programming courses I took in college, and finished with a final Computer Science GPA of 3.71.

The languages I have the most experience with are C/C++, Java, and PHP. I have built multi-threaded apps with C++ using MFC and pthreads, and with Java using its native Thread Class and Runnable Interface. I have experience with Microsoft Visual Studio, The NetBeans IDE for Java, and KDevelop for Unix (part of the K Desktop Environment). I also have experience with widely used debuggers, such as gdb and the integrated debugger for Visual Studio.

I have developed Websites and Web applications using the latest Web standards. I am well-versed in HTML/XHTML, CSS, ECMA/Javascript, PHP, and SQL. At MU I took two Web Technologies courses along with a Flash MX ActionScripting course.

I am proficient with all versions of Windows and several Linux distributions. I have developed on both platforms using POSIX and the Win32 API. I have also installed, configured, and maintained servers for various protocols such as HTTP, FTP, SOCKS, SMB, and SMTP.


The University of Missouri - Columbia

August 2002 — May 2006

  • B.S., Computer Science, Cum Laude
  • Math Minor
  • Business Minor
  • 3.58 Cumulative G.P.A.
  • 3.71 Computer Science G.P.A.

Standardized Testing Scores

    GMAT (graduate level exam)

  • 92 percentile (overall)
  • 96 percentile (writing section)


  • 95 percentile (overall)
  • 99 percentile (math section)

Work Experience

Goldman Sachs, NYC

September 2006 — present

  • Analyst, Equities Technology Division (full-time, permanent hire)
  • Design and Development of Core Router for Electronic Trading Systems
  • Client-side, Exchange-side, OMS and ECN connectivity

University of Missouri CDS, Columbia MO

September 2005 — June 2006

  • Software and Website Development
  • Incorporate Web into marketing strategy

Freelance Web design

2002 — 2006

  • Design complete Websites to client specification
  • Develop E-commerce solutions

Programming Experience

C/C++ Development

» My current project at Goldman Sachs is developing an intelligent, low-latency router that provides seamless connectivity between Clients, Exchanges, Order Management Systems, Electronic Crossing and Algorithmic Trading engines. As of July 2007, approximately 50 instances of the router are running in production, with high-profile clients sending multi-billion-dollar order flows through daily.

» Designed and implemented a C-like compiler from scratch, using tools such as lex and yacc. It was the final project for a compilers course. For more info, visit

» Extended a lightweight, multi-threaded SOCKS v4 proxy server by enabling it with SOCKS v5 support. I used the official SOCKS 5 RFC to add the version 5 protocol extensions. The server is rock-solid and can scale to at least a hundred simultaneous connections on an average PC.

» Developed an experimental access control system for XML in standard C++ using libxml. My approach used XML's own capabilities to define access controls, making it unnecessary to modify any part of the current XML standard.For more info, visit

» Developed a SMB/CIFS/Windows Network search system called LiquidLan. The official Website of the project is, and the final report is available at this link.The server component runs on Linux and scans SMB/CIFS networks for public file shares and adds them to a database. It listens on a TCP/IP socket for search requests from computers running the client. For thread management on the client side, I sub-classed a generic threadpool class into special-purpose thread pools for search requests and file transfers. All of the networking is asynchronous (through non-blocking socket I/O). The code is over 40,000 lines, and consists of roughly 60 C++ classes! I have not yet released the source code and binaries for public use, but when it's production-ready I plan to.

Java Development

I have experience with its language constructs, API, threading, exception handling, and NetBeans IDE. I have taken a total of 5 Java programming courses and received an "A" in all 5.

I have written a lot of programs for class assignments and recreation, including a spreadsheet application, a lightweight Web server, and an experimental GUI-based application that modeled different aspects of population growth.

Last year, I led a 3-person team in developing a multi-threaded game server, and a full implementation of the Chinese board game known as Go (or Weiqi in Chinese). The server creates game rooms that an unlimited number of players can join over a network via an application client we developed (similar to Yahoo! Games). Players can create new game sessions, advertise them, and play in tournaments. The server has a command line interface, and the client has a Swing-based GUI. My team's implementation was the only one that passed all five of the professor's automated correctness tests (the automation was possible because he provided interfaces for it). The combined code base size of the client and server is over 7000 lines. While other teams had bigger solutions (more code), our project employed design patterns and principles that resulted in a clean, elegant solution that was easy to modify and extend throughout each stage. As a result, it received the highest score according to the professor. I also received an A+ in the course.

PHP/MySQL Development

I have developed many dynamic Websites and Web applications in PHP that make use of MySQL. I have also installed, configured, and maintained my own MySQL server in Linux.

One of the more notable PHP Web applications I developed (that made extensive use of MySQL) was for the term project of a DBMS course. I was project manager and lead developer for the task. My team's project was an interactive menu management and presentation system. It had a secure management interface and a beautiful, feature-rich, "Web 2.0" front-end. You can see the demo at this link. My team won the award for best project (and we competed against a class full of graduate students). To read more about the award, visit this link.

Web Design and Development

This list is not comprehensive, but it does showcase most of my notable work.


My personal Website; its purpose is to market my talents, hype my projects, post images, blog, and aggregate headlines from my favorite news sites.   READ MORE  |  VISIT THE SITE

MU Campus Dining Services

I began working for CDS in September 2005 as a student intern, and I was hired in December 2005 after impressing them with an award-winning, Web-based menu management system. Initially, CDS brought me on board to redesign its Website using fresh "Web 2.0" standards. Needless to say, CDS was very pleased with the end result.   READ MORE  |  VISIT THE SITE

The LiquidLan Project is the official website of my Senior Capstone project a LAN file sharing system called LiquidLan. I removed the installer from the site after making the Capstone presentation since it is still just a prototype. If LiquidLan is ever "production-ready" I will make it available once again.   READ MORE  |  VISIT THE SITE

The Stevick Memorial Foundation

The Jim Stevick Memorial Foundation raises scholarship money for underprivileged kids by hosting an annual tennis tournament with numerous sponsors. I jumped on board in 2004 to develop a Website for the tournament and maintain it year to year. All of my work on the site has been 100% volunteer charity work. I also pay for the Web hosting and domain name registration without reimbursement.   READ MORE  |  VISIT THE SITE

Awards and Recognition

  • First Place, 2005 Database Management Systems contest at MU (more info)
  • Second Place, 2005 Annual DMC Web Design Competition (more info)
  • NACUFS "Website of the Month" recognition, May 2005 (more info)
  • Rex M. Whitton Memorial Engineering Scholarship
  • MU College of Engineering Dean's List every semester
  • Cum Laude graduation honors from the College of Engineering at MU