What is LiquidLan?

  1. The state of matter in which a substance exhibits a characteristic readiness to flow.
  2. Having been liquefied.
  1. A Local Area computer Network for high-speed communication such as printer and file sharing.
  1. A software application for Windows Networks in which files flow readily from one system to the next.
  2. http://www.liquidlan.net

LiquidLan.net is the official website of my Senior Capstone project — a LAN file sharing system called LiquidLan. I actually broke ground on the project several years ago, worked on it for several months, then didn't even look at it for like two years. Now it is mostly finished (enough so that it impressed the committee I presented it to for Capstone), but I am still refining some parts. The client source code is over 40,000 lines of Visual C++/MFC, and it is multi-threaded and robust. The server source code is 10,000 lines of ANSI C, written for Linux. If you want, check out my Capstone final report here.